Thermoplastic Membrane – TPO

TPO Membrane

The fastest growing and most popular choice in commercial roofing membrane is highly reflective, giving it industry-leading energy efficiency and resistance

Durability : Carlisle’s OctaGaurd XT weathering package means Carlisle TPO is able to withstand higher temperatures, a variety of weather, and UV rays and the heat that comes with them

Energy Efficiency : TPO membrane offers long-term energy efficiency, especially in warm, southern climates

Long Term Protection : With membranes up to 80 mils thick and industry leading warranties up to 30 years, Carlisle’s TPO membrane provides enhanced long-term weathering characteristics

UV. Proof :  With thicker membranes, Carlisle’s TPO is able to withstand higher temperatures and UV rays – keeping buildings cool in the summer, with roofing materials that last

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